FEATURE / The Fever 333 are fighting guns, homophobia, injustice, and racism

After LetLive fell apart, Jason Aalon Butler started a new fight againts hate
posted 31 August 2018 12:03pm updated 02 September 2018 14:03pm
THE FEVER 333 launched in July 2017 with a surprise show which took place in a car park of a doughnut shop. The band’s lead singer, Jason Aalon Butler, announced the breakup of letlive just 3 months before, putting their split down to “divergent views” making it impossible for them to continue. The simple Facebook post was thought to be the end, yet then came the creation of THE FEVER 333 which signaled that it was, in fact, the beginning.

THE FEVER 333 state that they ‘aren’t just a band’ and that they’re a ‘collective based around an idea and a principle’. They also state that they’re ‘trying to write the soundtrack to the revolution’.

The band wants to provide a ‘safe space’ for women, the LGBTQ+ community, people of color and everyone else who feels they have been ‘shoved out of the way’ when they want to be included within something. THE FEVER 333 are unapologetic about being progressive and strive to be unique in comparison to more ‘conservative’ rock bands.

The band recently released a new song ‘Trigger’ which is free to download via their website. The track deals with the current issue of mass shootings, and how guns that are owned for a sense of security are the weapons that are being used to kill children.

Frontman, Jason Aalon Butler, announced the track whilst in front of the NRA building in Washington D.C and then released a lengthy statement alongside it saying that he ‘doesn’t want to tilt anyone’ towards his side and that he ‘doesn’t want to add more fuel to the fire’ on the issue.

THE FEVER 333 call their shows ‘demonstrations’ and that’s largely down to the fact that they’re more than a band playing music. They’re about the USA and the state of the American political system. The band are prominent in topics such as immigration and slavery, which is at the forefront of their debut EP ‘Made an America’.

The EP really is something special. Mixing ferocious punk and post-hardcore with elements of hip-hop and rap with a clear and strong message. ‘Made an America’ rallies against racism and confronts recent issues of immigration, inequality, misogyny and police brutality within the US. All of that binds together to become the real America that THE FEVER 333 are trying to expose and battle with.

Gigs, also known as demonstrations, usually begin with black and white videos showing unrest and uproar are projected onto a white sheet which hides the stage and a figure stands in front of it wearing a FEVER 333 boiler suit and a sack over his head (this is then revealed to be lead singer, Jason Aalon Butler), which refers to abuse of human rights carried out by America in a prison in Iraq and in Guantanamo Bay in the early 2000s. They strive to change what is happening within society and the US government.

The band has partnered up with Travis Barker (Blink 182) and John Feldmann (Gold Finger) who have helped with everything from production to playing live, which is helping them spread their message even further. Barker and Feldmann both believe that THE FEVER 333 are going to bring a needed change to the music industry, by speaking out about important topics and the big weaknesses within the American government.

All in all, THE FEVER 333 are completely worth the hype and are crucial to the music industry. They provide something new and exciting to the music industry and are open about their political beliefs, standing their ground for what they believe in.