LOS ANGELES gangster rappers Cypress Hill are back with their first new release since 2010 album ‘Rise Up’, which was the band's 8th studio album.

The renowned LA-based hip-hop artists released new single ‘Locos’ this Monday. A dark and sinister beat sits under the distinguishable vocals of the famous four-piece. Cypress Hill first recorded a demo back in 1989 and were picked up by Ruffhouse Records and released their debut self-titled album in 91’. Cypress Hill were the first Rap group to have two albums in the Billboard charts at the same time, and the second record, ‘Black Sunday’ even went platinum. Even if you haven’t heard this album, you will definitely have heard ‘Insane In The Brain’, one of the most recognizable rap songs in history.

The band are set to release a new record, ‘Elephants on Acid’ this Friday 28th September on BMG Rights Management.

B-Real spoke to Kerrang! Magazine in an interview about the new album and how music saved him.

Kerrang! - Do you ever wonder how things would have panned out if you hadn’t committed yourself to a life of music with Cypress Hill?

“Well, where I was when Muggs and Sen, and Sen’s younger brother [Ulpiano Sergio Reyes aka Mellow Man Ace] came and got me, I was, uh, running with a pretty terrible crowd. Most likely, I probably would have ended up in a cemetary or prison, which is almost the same. I definitely would have ended up there. Thank God it didn’t end there (laughs).”

Kerrang! - There’s an official Cypress Hill documentary in the pipeline, too. How did that come about?

“We’re just getting started on the documentary. That’s going to be interesting looking back when we go into all the old footage from back in the day. People have asked us for it, we’d always thought about doing it, but we didn’t want to do one of those biopics because they’re popping left and right and we don’t want to feel like we’re cashing in on a wave of that shit, so we thought a proper documentary would serve us well, and if someone wants to make our movie later on, cool, do that!”

Read the full interview on Kerrang!

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