THE UK is currently in a socially and politically very dark place which has manifested a backbone of hatred towards unfamiliar faces that some people feel are not welcome in our country. With such a divide being created within communities across the country, many people feel like they don’t have a voice, or that their voice is simply being drowned out by political turmoil and manipulative politicians, politicians that seem to be so far out of touch with reality you really need to question if we’re on the same fucking planet.

The colour of our nation is a lot darker than it is before. We’re in a much worser place
- Joe

There was a time when music was used to revolt against social injustice and economic chaos, however, with the rise of reality TV shows and social media turning people into nothing more than talentless twat sponges for the next X- Factor winner, we started to lose a huge part of our underground culture, and with it, the passion that inspired other people to take action and rise up to better themselves and others around them.

IDLES have just changed all that.

Their new album, ‘Joy As An Act Of Resistance’ entered the official UK album charts at No’5 and topped the UK Independent charts reigning in at No’1.

Idles have always been very open about their political stance, and their views on modern society and what needs to be done in order to revive the once great culture that thrived across the UK.

“You’ve just got to stop throwing stones at the opposition and start uniting and listening. Brexit happened because of mudslinging and not listening to each other and just fucking blaming things on immigrants.” - Joe ( DIY Magazine) It’s not necessarily the lyrical content of the album that is starting to pave the way for music being used as a revolutionary tool, it’s the sense of community the band have created with their raw and honest sound. This record is full of passion and innovation, it’s unique, dangerous and feral, it displays an attitude the majority of the British public seemed to have forgotten, an attitude we all used to share, left and right, an attitude that made the United Kingdom a glorious place to be, enjoy yourself, look after each other and respect other people.

“The left are completely dissatisfied with each other because they’re all on Facebook labelling things instead of going out there and listening to the opposition. Instead of throwing stones and saying ‘you’re a fucking stupid racist’, you should sit back and ask ’why are you so angry and afraid of immigrants? What’s going on? What’s in your life that makes you that way?’” - Joe ( DIY Magazine)

This is an incredible album, and the fact that it’s stormed the UK charts among some of the utter tripe that’s in there at the moment, this a turning point for musical revolution. The album itself for sure demonstrates anger towards the ignorance of the right, but it also echoes the importance of acceptance that the left tries to offer when it comes to being a multicultural society.

From a musical standpoint, this is quite simply one of the most honest records to come out of any music scene for a very long time and we’re hungry for more. Idles have united the individual solidarity of every single person that stands for social acceptance and political justice. What a fucking achievement.

You look like a walking thyroid.

Author Bio: AC Speed

Senior Editor

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