NEWS / Rammstein unleash signature monster guitar rig PL1 also used on the new Rammstein album

Now you can sound like Rammstein! You probably won't be as good though.
PL1 Rammstein Landers Pedal
posted 27 October 2018 09:03am updated 27 October 2018 10:13am

Rammstein Guitar Pedal

Rammstein PL1

PL1 Tech 21

How To Sound Like Rammstein

There seems to be a lot of activity in the Rammstein camp at the moment with Till Lindemann recording his secord record, guitarist Richard Kruspe releasing his third solo album, ‘A Million Degrees’, the band putting finishing touches on their long await next studio album, and now, Paul Landers of Rammstein has unleashed his very own signature guitar rig, ‘PL1 Tech 21’.

You know how it is with the search for the perfect guitar sound...most players never find theirs - Landers

Landers also says he used this on pre-production for the new Rammstein album “Yes, it was there during pre-production, as we were working on new songs, in the studio as well”

Paul Landers has been a long-time user of Tech 21 gear, both the SansAmp GT2 and SansAmp PSA, which is especially prominent in their worldwide smash "Du Hast." While he liked the format of the Fly Rigs, Landers was looking for a different feature set. Given Paul’s long term relationship with Andrew Barta, it was a no-brainer to collaborate on a Fly Rig to fulfill his individual needs.

The Paul Landers PL1 Signature Fly Rig offers 2 SansAmp channels, one clean and one dirty. Like our other Fly Rigs, it offers the same ease, portability, confidence and multi-functionality for going direct to a mixer or P.A. and as a pre-amp/stompbox in live performances.

I am the type of guy that doesn’t like amps that much, or amplifiers don't like me. When I played through a SansAmp for the first time - it was a revelation - Landers

Speaking to German based music publication, ‘Guitar Magazin’ recently, Landers says “I’m pretty straight forward with stuff like this. I only do things that I like and approve of”

Tech 21 Paul Landers PL1 Fly Rig

Designed with Rammstein's Paul Landers, it's perfectly suited for the high-octane, exhilarating rock styles that the band are renowned for.


WATCH / Paul Landers Interview: Tech 21 PL1 Fly Rig

Rammsteins Paul Landers talked to guitar at length about his new signature guitar pedal, the Tech 21 Fly Rig PL1 in this exclusive interview.

If you want to know the nerdy features & Specs:

Two all-analog SansAmp channels to switch between dirty and clean tones (Feuer and Wasser)
The Feuer section has 3-band active EQ controls with switchable Mid, Drive and Level, while the Wasser section has dual-band active EQ controls, compression, and Level.
Bite switch for a presence boost which provides extra clarity to the top end
Vintage voiced tape-style delay with vibrato and ambience controls
Independent dual-mode Boost function - post-SansAmp positive boost up to +6dB and “negative” boost down to -10dB.
Chromatic Tuner is operable via the TAP/TUNER footswitch in the DLA section
1/4-inch 1megOhm input
XLR output with ground lift
1/4-inch low impedance output
Headphone button switches the 1/4” output into headphone mode
Rugged, all-metal housing
Metal footswitches and jacks
Silent-switching, custom footswitch actuators
Utilizes included 9V DC Universal Power Supply: Model #DC9. “Auto-switching,” self-adjusting 100V-240V, 200mA.

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