Slash picks his favourite guitar players that influenced him the most as a kid

Guitar God Slash Talks Guitars
posted 09 September 2018 12:03pm updated 09 September 2018 14:03pm

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WITH his 3rd record due to be released on September 21st, ‘Living The Dream’, with his band Slash ft. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators, the Guns N Roses Gibson Guitar God was interviewed by Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols on his KLOS radio show, Jonesy’s Jukebox as part of a promo tour.

During the interview, Slash and Steve Jones got onto talking about who Slash was influenced by the most, and who he would put in his top five guitar plays that made him want to become a lead guitarist in the first place.

Slash has been well known as an avid Hendrix fan, along with Eric Clapton, Van Halen, and Aerosmith.

Cream had a hell of a lot to do with it, Derek and the Dominoes was really good, and there’s a bunch of cool stuff that he [Clapton] did… - Slash

Talking to Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols, Slash says: “but yeah so, Clapton, Keith Richards, Mick Taylor, I’m gonna put the guys from Aerosmith in as one [laughs], and Jeff Beck, it’s hard to do it in five ya know. I put Keith in their and Mick Taylor for sure, Keith's a big one but then there’s Jimi Page and Jimi Hendrix and I could go on and on ya know…”

Slash says he just picked up a 59 Les Paul after discussing guitar players, Steve Jones asks Slash “What makes that guitar worth so much?”

“There was only about 3000 or so made, erm, but it just picked up a certain cachet ya know, that the 59 sunburst, was for some reason this coveted thing that just appreciates and appreciates and it’s like the holy grail of electric guitars”

We all know Slash is famous for holding that beautiful Sunburst Gibson Les paul on stage, and the now iconic Gold Top, but he’s also been seen with a few other six string stallions during his career.

“I have a bunch of cool teles and some cool strats, all things considered, I’ a Les Paul guy but...I love good sounding guitars and as far as I’m concerned ya know, and Gibson probably wouldn’t want me to say this, but the strat is hands down probably one of the best most versatile guitars there is...”

I’ve always gravitated to a Les Paul - Slash

Slash also confirms he’s just designed a Firebird with humbucker pickups in partnership with Gibson.

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