In a live Q&A session with iHeart Radio in New York, frontman and visionary, Tobias Forge, brainchild behind the acclaimed Swedish metal band, Ghost, talked about the Papa characters that front the image of the band.

A lot of bands sound different, we sound our own way, I think we’re doing something different that isn’t in the rock scene
- Tobias Forge

He spoke about the current Papa Character, Cardinal Copia being somewhat of an egotistical 'little shit that needs to grow up'. He talked about how the Character is based on a cheeky persona that can get away with things on and off stage, that Tobias wouldn’t be comfortable doing in real life as himself.

Sat dressed in black with an elaborate hat and shades, Tobias composed himself very well throughout and spoke in great detail about Ghost, and where he thinks the band will go in the future.

“Who knows if they’ll be a demand or interest [In Ghost] in 5 years, maybe in 15 years, who knows”.

“I’m not a kick ass guitar player, it’s the instrument I excel at the most….I’m not a great singer but I can sing for Ghost”

He played a very humble position during the interview saying that he was talented when it came to writing songs for Ghost, however, outside of this he considers himself to be just a person that likes to create music, and live shows.

“I grew up in the 80’s with Eddie Murphy, Chevy Chase, a lot of that goes through my mind...I’m very influenced by that, Monty Python…”

“On tour, that’s when you really can physically see the support, that’s when you know that’s a fantastic thing an alternative life I would have loved to have worked in film...from creating something together those magical moments being on tour knowing we were here one year ago, two years ago, 5 years ago and it’s growing every time”

“I tend to go for larger [venues] because if it’s large enough to the point where you can actually build your stage in a way that will allow for there to be intimacy”

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