Dust Bolt...the METALLICA we all deserved…

Classic Thrash Metal without limited Edition watches, or Lars Ulrich.

Posted 29.03.2019 09:03 Updated 29.03.2019 10:13

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From ‘Kill Em All’ in 1983 to Hardwired in 2016, and everything in between, we all have our ultimate Metallica album that for one reason or another became our favourite record from the former giants of heavy metal.

For some, Metallica died after they released ‘Master Of Puppets’, and although the last three Metallica albums topped charts all over the globe, most metalheads will tell you that St. Anger, Death Magnetic, and Hardwired are some of the worst records they have ever released, and, I agree.

Personally, whilst I really enjoyed some songs from the last Metallica album, I really stopped paying attention to them after ‘The Black Album’ (Self Titled). And the prison video from St. Anger was just...well...it was just meh.

For years, I’ve always dreamed of Metallica returning to their hardwired angry roots and laying down a passionate metal record, but the band seem more interested in releasing limited edition watches and Metallica beer, metal as fuck. We’ve been robbed of this band, a band that could have been so much more, and with this, we have lost an iconic artist.

It’s also been very difficult to even begin to imagine if bands like the big 4 thrash metal giants, Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer, and those who shall no longer be named, would ever be replaced, or at least if new younger bands could maybe challenge the old timers for the title of “Heavy Metal Kings”....imagine no more…

Dust Bolt are the next generation of true heavy metal bands. Hailing from Germany, Dust Bolt formed in 2006 and released their first demo tape in 2010 followed by their debut Violent Demolition in 2012.

Dust Bolt embrace iconic 80’s style metal vocals, riffs, and attitude. Vocalist Lenny Bruce delivers the purest of Thrash Vocals that echo a time long lost but with a fresh and modern production.

Dust Bolt recently released two new tracks in the lead up to their next studio album, Trapped In Chaos. Dust Bolt could potentially release one of the greatest heavy metal thrash records of the decade, and could easily become an iconic metal band thanks to their unique writing style, fresh sound, and 80’s metal influence. They have the passion, talent, and anger that Metallica lost in a Walmart somewhere in the early 90’s.

Dust Bolt are the Metallica that we all deserved after ‘The Black Album’, but 100 times more energetic and innovative, and without limited edition watches.

"'Another day in hell' is the by far slowest and darkest song on the new album and probably even in Dust Bolt´s history. Originated on an acoustic guitar, Lenny took this song to the rehearsal room one day and it was kind of fitting to how the band and its members were feeling at that point of time. The video was shot on one day, together with Bloodspot frontman and singer Peter Kunz and shows a different side to the band´s personality than most listeners have seen before. For this one we wanted to let the music do the talking and portay the day the song was written from the perspective of every bandmember."