Recorded within the same walls that they recorded their self-titled album, Studio X. ‘Rainier Fog’ is the third album to be released with vocalist Duvall, this album has built up much excitement and curiosity.

The promotion of ‘Rainier Fog’ centered around the bands home city, Seattle with them playing secret shows at local venues, playing acoustic sets at the Space Needle and even hosting an ‘Alice in Chains’ nice alongside baseball team, Seattle Mariners. The title of the album is also inspired by the volcano, Mount Rainier, which overlooks the Seattle skyline.

The opening track, ‘The One You Know’ proves that the band are still capable of producing a dark, gloomy, alternative tune with this track putting both their musical and vocal excellence into the spotlight. ‘The One You Know’ picks up on other tracks in previous albums, being built upon a stabbing, unique guitar riff.

The title track picks up the pace and could possibly be one of the bands best songs, with Cantrell and DuVall proving that they’re an amazing vocal team.

‘Drone’ has a dark tone and doesn’t let up for a second. The track is unique and is sure to be a favourite with fans of Alice in Chains.

‘So Far Under’, the second single from the album, provides a sludgy, early-90’s riff. The track is a lot more accessible than ‘The One You Know’ yet still has the distinctive Alice in Chains sound that fans know and love.

‘Never Fade’ is one of the most energetic tracks on Rainier Fog, featuring spiky guitars and a riff that reoccurs throughout the track. ‘Never Fade’ is destined to be a rock radio hit and holds an infectious chorus.

The album closes with ‘All I Am’, a brooding ballad. Trading in the fiery conclusion for a dull farewell yet is the perfect song for this album to close with.

Rainier Fog grasps the best solos from guitarists Cantrell and Duvall as well as some insane harmonies. This album puts the evolution of Cantrell’s songwriting at the forefront and is much wiser and mature than anything previously released by Alice in Chains, yet the band never forget the edge that made them who they are today.

This is a record with a lot of life in it and feels like a sequel to ‘Black Gives Way To Blue’. ‘Rainier Fog’ is a raw work which other bands would struggle to produce.

Author Bio: AC Speed

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