REVIEW / Thomas Silver - The Gospel According To Thomas

Thomas Silver debut solo record is an original Rock N Roll masterpiece
Thomas Silver Gospel Album
posted 20 November 2018 09:03am updated 20 November 2018 10:13am

Thomas Silver Review

Thomas Silver Album Review

Thomas Silver New Album

Rock Music Review

The last of a dying breed, a talent mastered by few, and a true testament to the unquestionable songwriting abilities of Thomas Silver. ‘The Gospel According To Thomas’ is an outright rock and roll masterpiece that should be hailed as an iconic and inspirational rock and roll record for generations to come.

Thomas Silver spent the majority of his musical career as the axe-wielding guitarist for Swedish heavy rockers, Hardcore Superstar but left the band in 2008 citing a loss of inspiration for the passion he once held dear. Although he toured Europe, the US, and even Japan, we heard very little from him in terms of music and assumed he vanished into the abyss. How delighted we were when he exploded back onto the scene with the release of his singles earlier this year.

Now, we’ve made a very bold statement regarding this record, and Thomas Silver, but trust us, it’s well deserved. As soon as this record kicks in with the opening track, ‘Caught Between Worlds’ you’re surroundings are instantly transformed into an ethereal rock and roll onslaught of perfectly mixed guitars, Andy McCoy style vocals, and a hint of 80’s rock and roll mystic blues. We say, Andy McCoy, not Hanoi Rocks or Michael Monroe, simply due to the fact that this album echoes more of McCoy's solo material which was always a lot more raw and real than Hanoi records.

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Many people could be forgiven for thinking that Silver left Hardcore Superstar because he lacked the passion and enthusiasm he once had for the band or even music, but we think this couldn’t be further from the truth. ‘The Gospel According To Thomas’ show’s that Silver had so much more to give in terms of musical ability and creativity than he could ever have achieved with Hardcore Superstar. It’s almost as if Hardcore Superstar held him back.

Silver’s debut record sees his talents truly explode into every single track. ‘The Gospel According To Thomas’ is a record that Slash, Joe Perry, Andy McCoy, and even Stevie Ray Vaughan would have been proud to have penned. There is some truly inspirational and unique guitar playing throughout this record and it’s so great to hear.

‘The Gospel According To Thomas’ is diverse, raw, fresh, and passionate. It’s everything that’s missing from rock and roll right now, honest and original songwriting with heaps of talent.

WATCH / Thomas Silver – D-Day

From the album "The Gospel According To Thomas" out on November 23rd, 2018 through Volcano Records

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