UNCOVERED / All Female Thrash Metal band from Brazil make Slayer sound like Nickelback

Bye Bye Slayer, make way for the new generation of Thrash Metal Queens.
Nervosa Metal Band
posted 27 November 2018 12:03pm updated 27 November 2018 14:03pm


Nervosa band

Thrash Metal

It's no secret that the metal world is heavily dominated by bearded males in camo shorts wielding the biggest Dean guitar they can possibly get their hands on. One of the most notable and prominent bands that forefronted heavy thrash metal was American band, Slayer. Slayer have pretty much held the crown of ultimate thrash metal band for decades, and whilst their innovation is worthy of such high status, many thrash metal bands go unnoticed due to thrash tunnel vision. And to be honest, it’s made them somewhat overrated.

It’s time to pave the way for a new breed of metal, a new era of thrash metal dominated by the younger generation. Enter, Nervosa! An all-female thrash metal band hailing from São Paulo, Brazil.

The band initially formed in 2010 by guitarist, Prika Amaral. In March 2012, the band released their first music video for “Masked Betrayer” which quickly racked up thousands of views on YouTube. The band was picked up by Austrian label Napalm Records, home to the likes of Cavalera Conspiracy, WASP, Grave Digger, Moonspell, Huntress, among many others.

Nervosa released their first full-length album in 2014, ‘Victim of Yourself’ and proceeded to tour heavily around their home country as well as a successful European tour with 51 shows in 60 days.

Their latest record, ‘Downfall of Mankind’ released earlier this year, is nothing short of a full-on lethal onslaught of thrash guitars, intense thrash drumming, and some truly demonic vocals. It’s time for the old school to make way for the powerful, furious new school of thrash metal, which could easily be lead by Nervosa. They have the passion, talent, and the hunger for world domination!

Guitarist Prika comments on their single and video, 'Kill The Silence' “A perfect scenery to compose lyrics that encourage overcoming. It talks about things that hurt you and that you’re not alone. This new video symbolizes a new phase in the band with which I identify myself 100%!"

"I like the idea of using fire in the video, because i think the symbology has everything to do with the message in the song. Fire represents renewal and mainly purification, and using it in the video really gives me the idea of triumph, overcoming and moving on!” adds Fernanda.

WATCH / NERVOSA - Kill The Silence

Taken from their thrid album, "Downfall Of Mankind".

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