Ah yes, the glorious age of the keyboard warrior. What a fucking time to be alive. Back in the day, if you didn’t like something, you just ignored it, but now, thanks to the modern world of endless digital social interactions we have to put up with, mainly from some fat IT bloke called Greg ‘Rocker’ Smith, it’s impossible to escape the constant onslaught of well-thought-out opinions from such culturally diverse characters.

The same type of person that also happened to study at the “University Of Life”, and was also lucky enough to work at “Rock” according to his Facebook account. The same account that has one profile picture of him uploaded 27 times but with different variations of the wrong size and resolution to even resemble a human being, Maybe if you tried taking a picture of something other than your ballsack you might be recognisable. What? Oh, that’s your chin...well fuck.

My Chemical Romance called it a day in 2013 and played their final show in 2012 after spending 10 years helping to cultivate what we know to be Emo. Sure, it was a little angsty, it was a little “Fuck my life pass me a razor blade”, but it was important to many people. From their first record “I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love” in 2002, MCR helped to connect lost souls all over the world. We were just coming out of the Pantera era of Camo shorts and the reckless attitude of “Real men listen to metal and smash beers over their heads”.

It seems that with most new cultural movements, middle-aged white men all over the world are worried they’ll no longer be able to buy camo shorts or Pantera records due to the rise of Emo, crying, and eyeliner. Not to mention skinny jeans so tight your dead grandma couldn’t fit into. This new genre and cultural movement harmed no one, so why cry about it so much when it makes a comeback? It literally doesn’t affect you in the slightest. You can just continue to ignore it. I fucking hate Nickleback, but they’re still releasing records. Do you know what I do about it? Literally fucking nothing. They can keep releasing their music, and I’ll keep ignoring it.

You have to see the irony in a bunch of middle-aged men losing their shit and posting dramatic facebook statuses saying things like “Fuck that band, they’re shit”, when it’s aimed at a group of people that they openly mock for being cry baby emo fags (not my words). So it’s more “Real men listen to Metal and Punk, but cry about emo bands getting back together.”

Who gives a fuck about MCR getting back together? Erm, millions of MCR fans. If you don’t like them, why would you give a fuck? More importantly, why are you taking time out of your day to openly let the general public know that you don’t like My Chemical Romance and you don’t support their reunion? They haven’t booked to come and play your living room where you’ll be tied to a chair with hair bands, forced to wear red eyeshadow and learn the lyrics to ‘I’m Not Ok’ whilst Gerad Way rubs his newfound gross beard across your balls. Although it would be the aptest song for you to learn the lyrics to right now. Trust me...

Author Bio: AC Speed

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I started my career as a music journalist in 2013 and have been involved in the music industry as a touring musician, studio engineer and artist consultant since 2002, as well as previously being a signed artist. My passion for delivering high quality, informative music-related news is a daily driving force behind the content I create. Also a huge gaming nerd! Born in the United Kingdom and currently living in Sweden. Skål!


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