On November 23rd 2019, Faith No More published an image of what appears to be a new album cover to their social media accounts hinting at a new record due to be released in the coming months. We can expect a new single from the band in the next few days as their official website displays a countdown timer. At the time of writing this article, the countdown has 34 hours left on it. You have to assume it’s going to be a new single as albums are generally released on a Friday. Faith No More officially reformed in 2009 and released their first record in 2015, Sol Invictus, since their 1997 release, Album of the Year.

We didn’t really relate to the era that accepted us
- Billy Gould

In a 2015 interview at Download Festival, Mike Patton and Billy Gould said: “The sort of getting to know each other process again happened when we did a reunion tour when we didn’t have any new music on the horizon or anything. There was no pressure to do so,” explains Patton. “It was a lot easier than we thought it might have been,” says Billy. Faith No more originally formed in 1979 before releasing their debut record ‘We Care A Lot’ in 1985. Many people came to know Faith No More in 1989 after they released their global smash hit single, Epic, that featured on their 89 LP, The Real Thing. “Everything we did back in the day was just really contentious all the time so this was better than that,” explains Billy Gould regarding their comeback album in 2015. “Some of the process was different,” Patton says. “We recorded this [Sol Invictus] pretty much from start to end ourselves.”

“We didn’t really relate to the era that accepted us,” Gould says in an interview with The Guardian back in July of 2015. “We grew up going to shows where there was always a bit of confrontation. That was part of the fun. All of a sudden we’re playing in front of Poison fans and they’re not experienced in that. They think if they throw something at us we’re going to be hurt and offended but it actually excites us. Even if people get mad there’s an engagement.”

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