Before getting into the episode, Jasta also states that he’s currently working on a new Hatebreed album and he says “It’s going to be the best Hatebreed record we’ve ever put out”. Also stating that Hatebreed are currently recording the album but gave no further details.

Weinberg, who now lives in Nashville, has been part of the Slipknot machine since 2014 after longtime drummer Joey Jordison parted ways with the Iowa powerhouse, sat down with Jamey Jasta for close to 2 hours to talk about all things Metal.

The first two though where they wouldn’t let you have your phone was my favourite
- Jay Weinberg

A recent hot topic among many artists and concert-goers is whether fans should be allowed to attend shows with cellphones. It’s almost impossible to go to a concert or festival and watch your favourite band without having to gaze past a sea of brightly lit screens blocking your view. Not only does it mean most of the crowd have their arms in the air, but it also means the amount of light from screens shining back into the crowd can be extremely obstructive for many that simply want to enjoy the show.

Weinberg and Jasta start to discuss the recent Misfits tour and their desire, or lack of, to use mobile phones at shows. Jasta explains Doyle of the Misfits invited him to the Misfits reunion show when he appeared on Jasta’s podcast. “I didn’t even post about it [the Misfits show], I didn’t even wanna take videos or photos I just wanted to be in the moment. When Doyle was here and he did the podcast he said to me ‘You’re going’ and I was like ‘fuck I gotta go’ this is Doyle I have to go.”

Weinberg shares his experience of the Misfits show and his dislike for cellphones at concerts, which, is a sentiment most of us now share. “I’d seen that version of the Misfits, the original Misfits, that’s my third time seeing them was the Garden show,” Weinberg explains. “Misfits were one of the hugest bands in my life just getting into punk rock and hardcore metal...when everything was announced that the Misfits was gonna play shows again, I was gonna do everything I could to get to those shows.”

“I saw the LA forum show,” Weinberg continues, “and I saw them in Newark during those first couple of rounds of shows and they did like a week of shows recently. Each of the three were amazing, the first two though where they wouldn’t let you have your phone was my favourite” Weinberg explains.

“A lot of people got bent out of shape about it, but I honestly loved it. I’m as guilty as anyone else, I’ll take a little video on my phone or whatever, not too much during a show but I will. But, the fact that everyone was prohibited from having a cellphone, you have like a little neoprene sleeve that you put it in, it felt like I was back in high school going to a show before I had a cellphone. To go back to that time where like everybody seems super connected and in between bands and not surfing Instagram or like “wow I’m watching the Misfits through this rectangle,” Weinberg says. “It was incredible to see that many people turn out [to the Misfits shows] and that many people singing the lyrics out at the top of their lungs fully at the moment, I was like wow we should just ban cellphones at all shows, I would love that because it engages everybody.”

In 2018, Jack White received backlash from fans after banning mobile phones at his own shows saying “It’s funny that the easiest way to rebel is to tell people to turn off their phone, I want people to live in the moment,” speaking to the Toronto Sun. He also said: “If your phone is that important to you that you can't live without it for two hours then I don't know. Maybe it's time to see a therapist.”

Jasta and Weinberg both agree on the matter with Jasta commenting about the event “They [Misfits] made the arena feel like a club or a theatre show.”

Listen to the full show with Jamey Jasta and Jay Weinberg here.

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