The modernised West is awash with capitalism, cancel culture, gender-neutral Santa Clause and uproar over a vegan sausage roll taking over the highstreets. The modern age has become somewhat of a mundane existence where the most profound concept you battle with on a daily basis is the judgement of whether or not the same meme you’ve seen for the 100th time is actually funny or not. Social media is the ultimate zombification disease and it’s time we start paying attention to where we came from and the potential otherworldly horizons that may be accessible to all of us if only we took the time to listen and observe.

Who’s to say that really engaging with the gods of wind doesn’t open this thing for somebody...there was a metric fuckton of people trying to be Comanche. There must be something wonderful to it…
- Josh Homme

Aztec and Mayan mythology has long been a topic of fascination for the few that wish to be cultured, but as we start to see more and more evidence for the existence of alien life, we really must start to consider just how much of their tales were a mythical legend, and how many of their gods actually existed, as Josh Homme discusses with Joe Rogan on The Joe Rogan Experience.

“Have you ever been to Teotihuacan?” Homme asks Rogan. “Something really interesting happened to me there. Not only is this square we went to - and stand on this Earth mound - where this guy who’s nickname was Gorilla giving us this wonderful tour, the most romantic tour ever - and he goes “wait right here”, and we’re in this giant square and he runs down this dirt mountain about 150 feet away and he goes “can you hear me?” Homme whispers the last part into the mic.

Teotihuacan is an ancient Mesoamerican city located in a sub valley of the Valley of Mexico and is nicknamed “City of the gods”. The Aztecs believed this location was the birthplace of the gods of the universe. “It was like ‘Oh My God!’ I could hear him! “said Homme referring to the tour guide who had taken up a position on top of a mound that was used to address the entire population of the city. “This square was built with these mounds here to able to speak at this voice to 250,000 people”.

“That’s where these shamans lived,” Homme says pointing to a glorious picture of the Teotihuacan pyramids. “The Shaman had quarters like an area of this place and there’s sort of things [poitning to the floor] and I asked what are these? He [tour guide] said they’re reflection ponds for reflecting (Homme points to the sky).” Homme explains: “I’d never considered you don’t look at the stars by looking up but that really you look down and you mark a point so in 7 years when it comes around again you’re like “ahh a pattern”.

This is something very few people consider, myself included. We use telescopes and camera’s to look at the heavens above when in reality all we really need is a small pond of water and you can create your own star maps using this method. “It’s the study of what we are,” Homme says pointing to the stars. “And that is significant because it felt to me immediately like ‘well everyone can’t do that’ we need Shamans.”

According to many historians, Teotihuacan is believed to have been built by The Toltec Culture. An archaeological Mesoamerican culture that dominated a state centred in Tula, Hidalgo, Mexico in the early post-classic period of Mesoamerican chronology. However, many archaeologists still cannot agree on the true founders of this sacred site said to be the birthplace of the Gods.

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