Coulrophobia is the irrational fear of clowns and in 2016, a survey discovered that 42 percent of people were afraid of clowns. The poll also discovered that only 32 precent of people were worried about climate change, and only 19 precent of people were worried about dying. So, in a world with rapid climate change could be the number one killer, and Coulrophobia is affecting almost half an entire countries population, which should you be more concerned about? Well, today, we’re only concerned about, ‘The Injester’. That’s the name of this truly terrifying Metal outfit from the UK.

If you suffer from Coulrophobia then their video really will haunt your sleep. APOPHENIA is the latest offering from these nightmarish characters. Apophenia, if you’re interested, is the tendency to mistakenly perceive connections and meaning between unrelated things. A term coined by psychiatrist Klaus Conrad in 1958, which he suggested was the first symptoms of schizophrenia. Revelling in influences from the likes of Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, Faith No More and Mr Bungle, but sprinkling their fairground concoction with woozy Wurlitzer disorientation, the band’s sound is a metallic mix of horror, theatre and tales for all mankind.

Although the most ancient ‘clowns’ have been found in the Fifth dynasty of Egypt, around 2400 BC, The Injester are far more recent making their live debut at Hammerfest in 2019. The Injester have just released their debut singles, ‘APOPHENIA’ & ‘KNIFEBLOWER’ and are somewhat reminiscent of the eerie atmosphere generated by American Head Charge, but mixed with Slipknot style percussions, and Wednesday 13 solo vibes.

"Clowns have always been misunderstood. The members of our horde have always been misunderstood. We don't understand the masks we have to wear every day so we made masks that make us understand. Listen and you'll see there's more to us than just the layers in our masks. See you soon!" -The Injester

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