Probably the most unexpected artist to pop up on our radar in quite a while. We’ve been very used to the saturated Rock and Metal scene being dominated by big butch men with huge beards and a wide selection of camo shorts to chose from for their live performances, not to mention the good old Dean Guitar being a must for any Metal band. Metal has been through an incredibly diverse selection of transformations and directions in recent years. From the rise of Nu-Metal kings such as Korn, Deftones and Limp Bizkit, to the newcomers of MetalCore brought on by UK acts such as Architects and Bring Me The Horizon, the image of these scenes has been pretty stale throughout. With the odd exception to Johnathon Davies wearing a Kilt, and Freddie boy donning that jock red baseball cap. Although Oli Sykes has tried to distance himself from the traditional Metal image by dressing himself in strange hippie pants and flower shirts, nothing really shocks anymore. Until now.

I want Co2 cannons, Blood Guns, and sparkles
- Poppy

A new talent that has suddenly started to hold the gaze of the Metal spotlight has done so in quite a different manner to her predecessors. But with just as much of an impact. Shock Rock and Shock Metal are no longer shocking. Marylin Manson has been doing his thing for many years, scaring the hell out of people in the early 90s onwards, and Alice Cooper before him also applied the same tactics to shock Rock and Metal fans. It’s commonplace, blood, guts, and graveyards on stage and in music videos, this is exactly why Poppy is shocking the Metal community. She’s a petite, softly spoken young woman, dressed straight out of an ASOS summer advert mixed with hints of Killstar. Bleach blonde/platinum hair, bright red lipstick, and ready to attend a fancy dinner party. Certainly not what the Metal community thought they would be greeted with in 2019, going into 2020. But isn’t that what Rock and Metal is all about? Challenging the norm? Shocking people?

She is predominately a pop artist, however, she recently said she doesn’t believe in genre’s and her latest project is heavily based in Metal. Her new single ‘Fill The Crown’ is the next evolution of what Metal can potentially become. Hints of Nine Inch Nails, Marylin Manson, and Halsey all wrapped up into a tiny, but powerful package. She recently gave a new interview with Loudwire, one of the most reputable Rock and Metal news sites of recent times. “Maybe Co2 cannons, Blood Guns, and sparkles,” she says, answering a question about what she’d like on stage during her live shows. “I like Norma Jean, and also Marylin Manson too, and maybe, Slayer,” she says in the softest voice. “Not being afraid of burning things down and starting over” is how she sees the world at the moment. “Out with the old and in with the new”. Poppy is “the new”, that’s for sure.

Bring Me The Horizon received some of the worst hate and backlash from fans earlier this year after they released their most commercially successful record to date, AMO, which landed them their first UK number one album. BMTH have such a huge cult following of fans that were there at the beginning of their screamo hardcore days, so many saw their new musical direction as a betrayal against their roots. But they simply wanted to progress, and the Metal community needs to progress as well. Although we all know this won’t be easy. Poppy has opened up a door to a new younger generation of Metal artists, artists that won’t be afraid to be a female in a still male-dominated world. I for one, cannot wait to see how Poppy shapes the future of Metal.

Poppy's new album 'I Disagree' is scheduled for release 01 JAN 2020

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