Steve Jones has returned to his radio show today after a 3 month break recovering from a heart attack.

3 Months ago, as Steve Jones was taking a walk with a friend in Malibu, he noticed one side of his face became unresponsive “I’m out in Malibu with my buddy, Richard, all of sudden my face started feeling all wonky” Jones said on his radio show, looking somewhat worse for wear. “An hour later I’m back at his house...I panic, I’m thinking I’m having a stroke. We called a paramedic and went to St John’s and did all the checks, they kept me there overnight”

Steve explains he’s been absent from his radio show after suffering from a heart attack which Doctors say could have been fatal if he didn’t receive life-saving treatment in time. Steve Jones has had to have 2 stents inserted via his femoral artery to reopen blood flow to his heart. “I went to bed at about 11 oclock, woke up at about 2 with a pain in me chest, not normal pain and I said “what the hells’ going on” he said. “I drove myself to get some was 3 in the morning and I said to the lady at the pharmacy “What’s good aspirin for heart attacks?”, she said “You might wanna go to the hospital.”

Steve Jones, who has his own radio show on 955KLOS, published a video in the early hours of December 18th to explain why he had been absent from his show in recent weeks. “I checked myself in [to hospital] and they did the EKG, they wasn’t smiling...and from there they just took me up to the place where they do the scans and got two stents put in”. Steve was sat with a Doctor on his show that explained he was lucky to still be alive. “You would have had a CT scan, and then you went to the Cardiac LAB, “the Doctor explains. “The Cath lab is where they do the angiogram and where they opened a vessel that had closed in your heart, one of the blood vessels that supplies nutrition and blood to your heart, when it closes that’s what defines a heart attack. They opened it in time and successfully and you’re here to tell the tale.

Jonesy, as he likes to be called, has had numerous health issues in recent years and seemed to be very shaken up by the experience, obviously. You can watch the full video below.

His Doctor, who joined Jonesy on his show yesterday, goes onto say that Steve suffered from a very severe heart attack that easily could have killed him and he is lucky to be alive, however, Steve has suffered long term damage to his heart muscles. “In your case, they averted a larger heart attack by getting to your heart and opening you up”. “I think I had a heart attack a week beforehand and didn’t know it” Jonesy casually says. “I went walking once and my heart and chest started hurting.”

“I’ve actually been trying to recover for the last 3 months,” explains the Sex Pistol legend. “I’ve had a slow recovery it’s been a bit of a nightmare ya know cus I think my heart was working at 30 percent, I dunno if it’s come up a little bit since then”

Although Steve is back to his radio show, his Doctor still said he may not be in the clear as they need to monitor his health over the coming months to ensure he regains more strength in his heart.

“I’m on 8/9 medications and I’m getting real weird reactions, dizzy and just out of my mind, I can’t believe right now I’m not having a panic attack cus normally wen I around stuff that’s happening, that’s when I get I this weird feeling that comes over me.”

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