So many bands do farewell tours and it’s kind of a rip to the fans
- Nikki Sixx

We all know Mötley Crüe have decided to tour again after dramatically blowing up their cessation of touring contract in an official video statement posted to their social media accounts on Monday 18th November 2019. In 2014, Mötley Crüe signed an apparently legally binding contract in front of the press that would forbid them to ever tour again under the name Mötley Crüe, assuming fans to believe that legal action could be brought against them if they broke the terms of the agreement. However, it turns out the legality of the contract really wasn’t worth the paper it was written on. Rolling Stone reported that Nikki Sixx said: “The only loophole is if all four band members agreed to do it, we could override our own contract”. That isn’t really a legally binding contract, is it? This is how ANY tour works, the band have to agree to it otherwise the tour doesn’t happen. Clearly just a big PR stunt. That’s not the worst of it.

In an interview with Fuse back in February of 2014, Nikki Sixx literally said bands that announce farewell tours and then go back on their word are just ripping off fans. Sixx said: “So many bands do farewell tours and it’s kind of a rip to the fans”. “We confirmed this in writing, this is no joke,” says Tommy Lee. “We went to corporate lawyers and I think what’s going to be interesting is I think after this the next band that comes on and says “hey we’re doing a farewell tour” like Mötley? Where’s your contract.”

This is exactly why some Crüe fans are pissed at the band. Many dedicated fans literally paid thousands of dollars to see Crüe on their farewell tour thinking they would never get a chance to see them again. Some fans parted with their hard-earned cash to pay for expensive flights, hotels and VIP meet and greets. The sentiment among Crüe fans was made clear via their social media accounts after making the announcement. “So disappointed! They are going to be like KISS and have a farewell tour every other year. I will always be a lifelong fan but find it hard to pay to see them tour after they said they weren't going to be like all the other bands and keep touring.” said one person. With another commenting “This band has zero integrity. Zero.”.

There is also another concern with Mötley Crüe fans regarding Vince Neil. Vince hasn’t been in great shape physically and many have expressed that he didn’t perform well during the 2014 farewell tour. “Unless Vince gets in shape and get vocals right then is a no from me a farewell tour should mean that. I love the Crüe but I spent my money on that tour thinking that was it and it’s not. Just another band thinking of money instead of the fans.” Even Vince Neil himself said he was in no shape to tour just a couple of weeks ago. On November 5th, Neil took to his twitter account to address the reunion rumours: “People these rumours are false. I haven’t spoken to any band members since the movie premiere. I had to cancel shows due to back problems which I am getting treatment now. There is no tension between me and Tommy. Don’t believe anything from These so-called gossip sites. Keep Rocking.”

Of course, it’s great to have such an iconic band return, but not when you promised fans it was your last tour and even outright said it would be a rip off to fans to go back on this word.

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