It featured 2 of the biggest Rock songs of all time, Kickstart My Heart and Dr Feelgood. Songs that still resonate with Rock fans around the globe drawing in new generations of sleazy rockers. Motley Crue’s Dr Feelgood topped charts globally landing them a number 1 spot in the USA, number 4 in the UK and top ten in several other European countries. Crue were on top of the world.

Bringing in Bob Rock to produce and push us musically and lyrically was just what the doctor ordered
- Nikki Sixx

Nikki Sixx said about the record: "After feeling robbed of a No. 1 album with 'Girls Girls Girls', the band was hell-bent on topping ourselves on every level. Bringing in Bob Rock to produce and push us musically and lyrically was just what the doctor ordered… The band was clean, lean and sober and this album has some of our proudest work."

Dr Feelgood was produced by infamous Canadian producer, Bob Rock. Rock has worked with some of the biggest names in Rock Music. He helped produce Metallica’s Black Album, The Cult - Sonic Temple, David Lee Roth - A Little Ain't Enough, Bon Jovi - Keep the Faith, Skid Row - Subhuman Race, and also helped to mix and engineer Bon Jovi - Slippery When Wet, and Aerosmith - Permanent Vacation. Not a bad resume of employers by anyone standards.

With Motley Crue now frequently in the news again after reuniting - following the recent destruction of their cessation of touring agreement they signed in back in 2014 - along with the huge success of The Dirt, it’s no surprise they’re ramping up re-issues and teasing fans with potentially new material.

Motley Crue is set to release a special edition of Dr Feelgood to celebrate its 30th anniversary. The set will include new cd and vinyl packaging as well as a deluxe edition including coloured vinyl, three 7” picture discs, Dr Feelgood bag, a deck of cards, prescription notepad and drumstick pens, pins, guitar picks, band-aids, and more.

Whilst fans eagerly await the announcement of the rumoured 2020 tour with Def Leppard and Poison, we might even be treated to new material. When Crue released The Dirt they also released 2 new tracks to accompany the hit Netflix biopic. Generally speaking, bands don’t just record a couple of tracks when they go into a studio, even if it’s just for a film so Crue most likely has a few other tracks they were working on or at least demo ideas. Not to mention Mick Mars has finally revealed his solo album will be released in 2020, so he’s still clearly been twanging a guitar.

Motley Crue last released a full studio album in 2008 with Saints of Los Angeles after a huge 8-year gap from their previous offering, New Tattoo in 2000, which wasn’t much of a success for the LA pack. Dr Feelgood is not only a significant record in terms of its influence, but it’s also the only number record Crue have ever managed to land themselves. Girls Girls Girls scored them a number 2 slot in 1987 in the US.

Order Dr Feelgood 30th Anniversary here.

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