With the global apocalypse taking a firm hold of the mortal realm we occupy, seemingly with no end in sight, it’s about time we give it a theme, it’s not quite a zombie apocalypse or a nuclear fallout, It’s somewhere in between the four horseman and Nostradamus’s World War 3 prediction. All we need now is for Trump to hit the big red button and we’ll be in the final stages of devolution.

What was heavy is heavier, what was epic is even more epic, what was fast is faster and what was dark is darker.
- Mat Sinner

So, just exactly who would be the right fit for the soundtrack to the apocalypse? Whilst there’s a huge influx of new talent breaking down the Heavy Metal doors of Hades, along with the Gods of old such as Judas Priest and even Ozzy Osbourne still releasing new albums after 40+ years, there’s a void often overlooked, filled by some of the finest Heavy Metal Thrash kings we’ve ever seen. The 90s were, quite frankly, an insane time for Heavy Metal and Thrash music. Anthrax were riding high with albums such as ‘Among The Living’ and ‘Persistence Of Time’, Metallica had just released ‘The Black Album’ and Megadeth were powering through with ‘Rust In Peace’ and ‘Countdown To Extinction’.

These albums were the catalyst for an entirely new breed of Metal band. One band that deserves to be named alongside all of these iconic artists is Germany’s very own, Primal Fear. Their self-titled debut album, released in 1998, is a Heavy Metal classic, one that often doesn’t receive the acclaim it deserves.

Whilst most Heavy Metal bands have come and gone over the years, faded into the background or lost their passion for the craft, Primal Fear are still as powerful as they’ve ever been. Ripping riffs and fiery inferno solos providing the brutal melodies for Ralf Scheepers insane vocal range. Primal Fear have always stayed true to their sound despite constantly evolving from their debut record to their latest release, Metal Commando, which marks the bands 13th studio album.

Speaking about the new releae, founding member Mat Sinner explains: "Metal plays as big a role in my life as ever. And what’s more: I’m dead serious about this music and about our songs. If we set forth to do another album we want to make sure that it’s the absolute best we’re able to deliver at that time. A record is for eternity, you can’t just undo it after it’s done. Thus, for one year, I am giving all I have to a project, trying to make it sound as fresh and hungry as I was on day one. I want it to convey the sheer mass of fun and energy we had making it."

Metal Commando see’s the band diversifying their sound and song writing abilities yet again! Which after 20 years of releasing material is an incredible achievement for any group of musicians. From the brutal power thrash heavy hitter ‘My Name Is Fear’ to the beautifully written anthem ‘Hear Me Calling’, Metal Commando by Primal Fear is easily one of the best Metal records of the year and should be the only soundtrack to the apocalypse you need!

Closing track, 'Infinity' will give you goosebumpbs for days! What a beast!

Buy the new Primal Fear record, Metal Commando on MARBLED VINYL via the Nuclear Blast store HERE

- “Metal Commando” - Produced by Mat Sinner, mixed & mastered by Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios add recordings at Backyard Studios, Stuntguitar Music, Fear Studio & Level 10 Music.

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