In 2019, Mustaine was diagnosed with SCC (squamous cell carcinoma), the second most common form of skin cancer. “They hit the cancer really hard,” Mustaine explains to Louder. “Nine doses of chemo and 51 radiation treatments, which just beats the hell out of you. My mouth is still messed up but overall, I feel really good.”

I’ll have to do another MRI soon and check in with the doctor regularly
- Dave Mustaine

“I was here in Nashville, at my doctor’s office. He had to reach down the back of my throat, which was really unpleasant, but it was important for him to feel and make sure,” he continues.

Being a Heavy Metal legend, Mustaine has certainly been put through his paces over the years and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon, however, he did die once back in 1993 from a valium overdose. Fortunately for Dave, and Megadeth fans, this was most certainly not the end for him. Whilst he did feel the cold fingers of death knocking at his door, he claims that there was no bright light, or fiery hell awaiting him on the other side.

“I already died once, I don’t remember anything, though. No light or tunnel or any of that shit. I respect death but I’m not living my life in fear. There was a little when I first found out that I had cancer, but it wasn’t so much about dying, as not being able to use my gift anymore, to play guitar or sing. That really shook me. To be inconvenienced is one thing. It’s something else to lose your gift.”

Mustaine made a full recovery from his recent brush with cancer but will need regular check-ups to ensure it doesn’t return.

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