With talk of The Hellacopters working on their first new record in over ten years and Backyard Babies still releasing incredible records after 30 years on the scene, Dregen doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. As well as releasing a solo album some years back and running his own line of merchandise, Dregen has also released a series of original prints - ‘Sketches Of Sweden’ - and even produced furniture with his unique chair called ‘The Punk Throne’ which will set you back around 3k.

Now, along with the likes of Motorhead, Anthrax, Metallica, Hank Von Hell, Rammstein and even Slipknot, Dregen is releasing his very own beer. The beer, which is called ‘Riff’ is being brewed at Swedish brewery Jemtehed and Brande. Dregen also teamed up with guitarist Jesper Lindgren of Velvet Insane to formulate the perfect beverage. “I’ve been asked before from other breweries, but it never clicked,” Dregen says speaking to beermatchat. “My son’s middle name is Riff. And who doesn’t like great guitar riffs?! And WHO doesn’t wanna taste a great bottled riff?!” He has a point, who doesn’t like a good riff?

Dregen also mentions that he’s working on a new solo record. “I’m busy with finishing and recording a new record with The Hellacopters. Also, a future solo album is planned,” seemingly a follow up to his self-titled debut in 2013 that featured the huge hit ‘Flat tyre on a muddy road’.

Whilst we’re still waiting on an official release date for the beer, solo record and Hellacopters album, Dregen says the beer at least should be available before the summer kicks in.

Check out all of his artwork, prints, merch and other ventures at dregen.se

Author Bio: AC Speed

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