There's a new woman on the metal block, and she is packing tonnes of attitude. Hailing from Sweden, Scarlet is making a dramatic entry onto the nu-metal scene with her debut album ‘Obey The Queen’. Having released the singles ‘Age of Seduction’, ‘Hail The Apocalypse’, and ‘Killer Queen’ in 2018, followed by ‘End In Blood’ in 2019, fans have been long anticipating an album. And that wait is finally over!

I don’t know a single woman who hasn’t experienced it

It goes without question that heads will be turned by Scarlet’s charismatic skull-faced persona. For Scarlet, every day is Halloween. Visually, she's what you would picture apocalyptic Harley Quinn to look like. If that were not enough of a statement, vocally she is what you could imagine Lady Gaga sounding like if she embarked upon the metal route. Scarlet is powerful, fiery, and psychotically charming. There is a certain appeal to the mystique behind Scarlet, allowing you to not have any other associations but simply take the dish you are being served.

The process of the album itself has been an interesting one. The writing of the album predominantly took place when Scarlet was alone in her home in the biting cold north of Sweden. Almost a fairy tale image isn’t it? However, for a few of the tracks including ‘Beauty & Beast’ and ‘#bossbitch’, she teamed up with some of Sweden’s most famous metal writers.

Off-stage, Scarlet and her backing singer, Thirsty, have strived for equality in the metal genre. This is of course a topic touched on in their lyrics. They take no nonsense, Scarlet and Thirsty have previously called off collaborations due to being treated differently because they are women. The pair have voiced their frustrations at feeling underrepresented in the industry and towards male oppression particularly regarding festivals. But this does not slow Scarlet down, in fact it makes her determined to encourage more female role models in the genre.

"I don’t know a single woman who hasn’t experienced it," explains Scarlet, when asked about female oppression in the workplace. " If it happens to you, no matter if you're a women or a man, if you feel oppressed in your workplace something is seriously off and you should talk to someone about it."

Scarlet definitly has a strong stance when it comes to feminism, she's all about rescpet and equality for all. "Any man with that kind of repetitive behaviour should have his balls cut off. That said, I don’t hate men, I hate people using their power to act like assholes," which is a common trend if you look to almost any leader in the western world. Even worse if you look elsewhere.

With Trump seemingly still refusing to leave office, people across the globe are celebrating a big win for a progressive presidency, "with Trump losing the election I think that America has a better chance moving towards equality," Scarlet says. However, one of the biggest problems at the moment are social media platforms doing very little to tackle fake news, and many seemingly misunderstanding opinion, for fact. "Such a big part of our lives is social media. Platforms where people are able to speak their minds without filters," Scarlet explains. "Therefore, people are mistaking opinions for facts and there lies the problem. Also some people are just stupid and some are poorly educated."

So, how do they combat this? Bigger and louder. The artist has taken an interest in creating a dynamic stage presence with a lot of flair and visuals. The pair continue to go above and beyond to accomplish this, even to the extent where Thirsty designs and fabricate's the duo stage clothes.

“We want people to see and experience that we have broken free from socially conditioned rules and norms. The vast majority of people in the western world live in a predetermined form that suits very few.” Scarlet said in an interview with Sevendays.

‘Obey The Queen’ is fresh, addictive, and an album Scarlet makes her own. The album is almost theatrical at times. The lyrics are edgy, angsty, and emotional, with feminist themes certainly coming through during its course. Musically, the debut album is also diverse. Naturally with an eccentric and dramatic persona, there is the chance for backlash. “Some people hate it as always but if you have a controversial “look” and sound you need to be prepared for both love and hate. I choose to focus on the love” Scarlet said in an interview with Femmetal.

Scarlet’s album has been long awaited, and what a time to make her fiery debut. The artist is shrouded in mystery, but her messages are not. Stemming from the skull-faced queen’s mansion, ‘Obey The Queen’ is sure to make an impact.

Stream SCARLETS new album HERE

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