For many years, America was the number one country to look to when it came to iconic and classic cars. From the Ford Model T, the Lincoln Continental, the Ford Thunderbird and the Dodge Charger, US cars were seen as the height of style and western culture, many of which are now highly sort after fully restored to their original condition, coming at a heavy price. Car restoration has become big business for many gear heads and has become ever popular with hobby enthusiasts. One such enthusiast being the mighty James Hetfield of Metallica.

Recently, Hetfield donated his entire classic car collection to the Petersen Automotive Museum. Arguably the most prestigious car museum in the world. “Every human in a way ends up going through a rebirth at some point” Hetfield explains. “There’s many ways of being reborn again, and I think these cars deserve another chance.”

“I’m obsessed with cars,” Hetfield says. “My dad would, every once in a while come home with a new project...he was always in the garage...there was always a creative flow in that house,” Hetfield recalls. Hetfield says he spent most of his childhood becoming obsessed with cars and guitars and has been restoring classic cars for many years, whilst adding his own flair to them. Hetfield says he join a car club some years ago that put him in touch with some amazing artists. “I was interested in going fast, and then I met through the art world a few artists that ended up all belonging to the same car club.”

Hetfield has owned and restored a 1937 Lincoln Zephyr, a 1963 Lincoln Continental, a Skyscraper 1953 Buick Skylark to name a few. “Before joining the Beatniks Car Club, I got hold of a '53 Buick Special convertible and turned that into a sled by myself,” Hetfield says speaking to “Well for us it takes years to make an album and some of the cars took years. But a lot of the cars were an idea before we even found the car. I mean, like, the Skyscraper (the light purple-coloured Buick). I had that colour in mind before I even had the car or knew what car the colour was going to go on.”

Hetfield has now donated his entire collection to the Petersen Automotive Museum. Watch the full story below.

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