Founded by guitarist and vocalist Dustin Kensrue and lead guitarist Teppei Teranishi in 1998, Thrice quickly became kings of post-hardcore with their debut album, ‘Identity Crisis’, released in 2000. Thrice quickly dominated the alternative rock scene and built up a cult following. Their 2003 album ‘The Artist in the Ambulance’ landed the band their first top 20 album in the US album charts and quickly became an iconic record for the era. “One of the first bands I ever really got into was Metallica: Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, and then Kill ‘Em All, even though I was barely born when that record came out,” says guitarist Teppei Teranishi speaking to lollipopmagazine back in 2003. Despite Thrice’s heavy sound, their musical influence’s range from Metallica to Coldplay, “Coldplay is one of my favorite bands, Radiohead is collectively a band favorite, and I just saw Doves at Leeds a couple days ago and liked them a lot,” says Teranishi.

Thrice started working on Vheissu in early 2005 with producer Steve Osborne who has worked with the likes of A-ha, KT Tunstall, Peter Gabriel , The Doves, Moby and even U2. Vheissu scored Thrice a number 15 chart position in the US and also entered the UK charts. Opening track, ‘Image of the Invisible’ features Morse code, which spells out the album's title! “Vheissu is the name of a gateway at the bottom of Mount Vesuvius to a bunch of tunnels into the underworld," drummer Riley Breckenridge said. "It was weird. The song was written before we had the idea of the Morse code thing," Breckenridge said. "And once we looked up the Morse code and started programming, we realized that it kind of had a really cool syncopation with the beat that was going on in Image of the Invisible.”

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