Last year, videos started to emerge of the final tour Mötley Crüe embarked on, or what was supposed to be the final tour, and it quickly became very apparent that Vince Neil wasn’t exactly in great shape. His vocals especially seemed to be suffering the most from his lack of self-care over the years. A handful of videos showing Vince missing words and being generally out of breath started to go viral across social media making it very clear that time and substance abuse had well and truly caught up with him. This came as Crüe announced their reunion tour which quickly sparked fan’s to question if the tour would be worth paying the hefty price of a ticket for if Vince didn’t do something about his vocals. About a month after the reunion announcement, Crüe’s manager said that members of the band were working closely with a fitness coach and nutritionist, many assumed this was mostly referring to Vince, which would make sense as he hasn’t been in great shape for the past few years, however, it started to become clear that it was actually Nikki Sixx that was mainly working with a fitness coach.

Whilst we all still wondered, and hoped, that Vince would get his act together for the fans it’s obvious he has no intention of getting in shape for the tour as a recent viral video shows. He was seen recording a happy birthday message for a fan where he slurs his words and can’t even read the message correctly that was displayed right in front of him. Fans can hire celebrities to send video messages to people, of which Vince charges around $400 for the service. The fan in question had provided a very simple 250 character long message for Vince to read and record and he unfortunately completely failed due to being heavily intoxicated.

He looks even worse than he did just 3 months ago when Crüe announced their reunion so the odds of him being in shape for the upcoming Crüe tour that kicks off in June of this year are slim at best. This will ultimately mean he won’t be able to sing properly and will struggle with the tour which is a shame considering how dynamic he used to be in his glory days. This also throws into question what fans are actually getting for their money? It certainly won’t be the Crüe we all knew and loved. There’s a new younger generation of Crüe fans set to attend the tour this year, what will they think of this?

Vince has obviously been struggling with some deep-rooted issues recently and masking his problems with heavy drinking. All can do is hope he gets some help and gets in shape, for his fans, and for himself.

Author Bio: AC Speed

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