In 2014, Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn, released a controversial documentary film called Cowspiracy. The film explores the damaging impacts of animal agriculture on the environment, specifically the enormous impact it has on climate change. "After watching the documentary 'An Inconvenient Truth' about the catastrophic impacts of global warming, I started following all the advice of the major environmental organizations on how I could best help the planet," explains Kip Anderson, speaking to meatonomics. "But when I found out that animal agriculture plays an even bigger role in environmental destruction and resource degradation than the fossil fuel industry, I was shocked that the organizations I had trusted were not talking about it."

Cowspiracy helped to reveal the dark secrets the dairy industry uses to convince politicians and the public that animal agriculture is the only way, and the healthiest way forward, not just for humans, but for the planet. "We were shocked by the evasive nature of so many of the executives we interviewed for the film. These are people who have supposedly dedicated their lives to protecting the environment and yet when asked simple questions about the environmental destruction caused by animal agriculture, they would consistently sidestep the question and avoid talking about the subject in every way they could," explains Kip. As with almost everything in today's capitalist society, it all comes down to financial incentives and big bucks.

Now, Seaspiracy hopes to do the same for our world's oceans. "Please go and watch @seaspiracy on Netflix today! An incredibly eye-opening and important documentary! Also features my hero’s @seashepherd ❤️," said Sam Carter, singer of British Metal pioneers, Architects, who recently scored their first UK number one album with, For Those That Wish To Exist.

Global fishing is not only destroying many eco systems but also depleting wild life at an alarming rate. "The dolphin-safe tuna programme is responsible for the largest decline in dolphin deaths by tuna fishing vessels in history. Dolphin-kill levels have been reduced by more than 95 per cent, preventing the indiscriminate slaughter of more than 100,000 dolphins every year,” explains David Phillips, director of the International Marine Mammal Project of the Earth Island Institute in a recent statement. Over 10,000 dolphins are caught every year as bycatch and up to 50 millions sharks, a statistic shown in Seaspiracy.

Sam Carter said: "The time to change is now. We've already left it so late that it's not even about saving the planet now it's about slowing down a process which we can only blame ourselves for. Being vegan can no longer just be about health benefits or empathy. Being vegan is now the only option we have to be a generation that made a difference."

Sam has been an active Vegan for over 10 years and often encourages his fans to consider veganism. After watching films such as Cowspiracy and Seaspiracy, it's hard not to at least consider your position on the planet and how you yourself may be contributing to its down-fall. Healthy oceans are crucial to our survival, it's time to respect them and the planet we live on.

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