For those that wish to remember how cringy the start of the new millennium actually was, the multi-coloured MySpace fringe was slowly creeping into popular culture, black nail polish was a must for any scene kid, yes, including the boys, and there was a strong sense of self-deprecation in the air thanks to the rise of the Emo genre. Nu-Metal had dominated the latter part of the 90s, killing off grunge and ushering in the era of the Red Cap and Adidas tracksuit thanks to the likes of bands such as Korn, Limp Bizkit, Deftones, Papa Roach and Linkin Park. Nu-Metal was largely an attempt at MetalHeads becoming the new breed of Rock Stars. It was more about fast cars, gold chains, backstage VIP parties, and featuring on Mission Impossible soundtracks. Emo was basically just a more depressing version of Nu-Metal and quickly dominated the global music scene.

It really can feel like that when we’re smashed with how shit things are.
- Sam Carter

Scattered across the United Kingdom were a handful of kids that shared the angst of their fellow Emo’s, however, they weren’t about to feel sorry for themselves or attempt to write tear-jerking lyrics about breaking up with their girlfriends. “The world is dying, it’s our fault and no-one cares. We’re marching towards the edge of a cliff, and there’s such an apathy about it,” said Dan Searle, speaking to Kerrang! Magazine in a recent interview. They were pissed, angry and full of energy, and still are. MetalCore was quickly on the rise in the states with bands such as Converge, As I Lay Dying, Every Time I Die, and The Dillinger Escape Plan quite literally destroying venues across the country. These bands would come to influence one of the most dominant metal bands of the modern era. Of course, we’re talking about Architects.

There was a new underground scene emerging with bands like Enter Shikari, Bring Me The Horizon and Architects at the forefront, still sporting the classic Emo fringe, but that’s where the similarities to Emo and Nu-Metal ended...abruptly. Architects and BMTH, in particular, came to be tagged as DeathCore, a brutal onslaught of noise, growling and more time-changes than a Rolex shop. It was the angry voice that so many kids were searching for. If you were to revisit Architects debut studio album, Nightmares, released in 2006, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a completely different band, and in a sense, it was. Sam Carter hadn’t even joined yet. It’s quite incredible to watch the progression of a band like Architects. Ruin, and Hollow Crown, released in 2008 and 2009 respectively, both echoed the original DeathCore angst the band started out with, however, it was clear from a very early stage Architects were about to blossom into something far more beautiful.

As Architects evolved as a band, their music became more authentic and melodies began to creep into the studio. With songs such as ‘Hollow Crown’ and ‘An Open Letter to Myself’ showing a more personal side to who they were as people, Architects were quickly venturing into new territory. “It really can feel like that when we’re smashed with how shit things are from every angle, every day, but I think you have to look at the youth and be hopeful for the future,” says singer Sam Carter speaking to Kerrang!. Architects have always seemed to take the weight of the world on their shoulders, and as crushing as that weight must feel from time to time, it’s the reason they’re able to produce such incredibly diverse music on every single record, and their latest album, ‘For Those That Wish To Exist’ is no exception to this.

Just by looking at the song titles, we can see Architects are still incredibly nihilistic to a certain extent. ‘Do You Dream Of Armageddon’ is the opening track and instantly you remember why you fell in love with Architects in the first place. They are quite frankly one of the most dynamic Metal bands to ever walk the Earth. One thing to note about this record is that whilst it may be blessed with heavenly melodies, don’t be fooled into thinking Architects have succumbed to success and are now living the easy life. Architects are the angry voice a lost generation is truly in need of, and Sam Carter is, without doubt, the man to deliver that voice. There are only a handful of singers that can deliver vocals and melodies as diversely and passionately as this man does. You can feel his anger, you can feel his pain, you can feel his emotions running through your veins when listening to For Those That Wish To Exist.

“All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us, he was sure that he was going to die. And then Holy Hell was about me dealing with the pain of that,” explains Dan, speaking about his late brother, Tom, who was a founding member of Architects. If Architects ever needed a real reason to be angry, it was losing their brother, friend and bandmate Tom in 2016. Every single member of Architects have dealt with this horrific loss in their own way, but ultimately, they’ve channelled this anger and pain into something more beautiful than any of us could have ever dreamed of and you can’t help but feel Tom would be so incredibly proud of the latest record, and the lads themselves. Architects have described recording as a cathartic process, and honestly, so is listening to their music. Something deep inside of you is connected to the band, connected to their pain, connected to their anger. Architects have always invoked a whirlwind of emotions and this record is a rollercoaster ride of passion, anger, fear and more.

Architects have once again laid claim to their throne. For Those That Wish To Exist has ensured they reign supreme within a genre that has come so far, a genre that quite simply wouldn’t be where it is today without them. Well done lads, well fucking done, this record is nothing short of absolutely incredible. Be prepared to smash things, cry, and generally lose your mind to this album.

For Those That Wish To Exist out FEB 26 via Epitaph Records.

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